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Bringing everyone together to watch some football, enjoy the festivities, raise some money for charity, and most importantly, celebrate the lives of two brilliant boys.



To everyone that helped us celebrate the lives of Joe and Freddie, we sincerely thank you. 


We felt we needed to do this for the boys to keep their spirit alive in a way we feel they would have loved.


Seeing everyone there, watching their favourite game, wearing their favourite colours, listening to (some of their more appropriate) favourite songs, eating their favourite food, and being surrounded by those whose lives they touched, was a way for us all to feel closer to them, and for us, made us realise that our role as Joe’s big sisters can, and will, continue.


To our brother Joe, and his wonderful friend Freddie, we all love you and will carry you with us always.


The lives that we live are now yours too. 

Jess & Isla xx

470 attendees

helped us raise

£12,554 in donations 


in support of 

2 incredible charities

all in memory of...


2 brilliant boys

To check out all photos of the day, head to our photo album here

Joe and Freddie were best mates at Cranbrook School. 

Often known as the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), Joe was  Everyone's Boy. A cheeky little boy with an infectious giggle, he grew to become gentle-hearted and quietly self-assured, earning people's respect for being fiercely loyal and 'a properly good guy'.  Whilst being a true 'techno appreciator' to his friends, Joe was a secret geek who could spend hours on the rubix cube, and loved nothing more than a big roast with his family and a lie down with the dogs. 


Freddie was techno and football obsessed. Having got to love electronic music, Freddie had quickly become the go-to DJ at parties and events. He was also very bright and had the ability to do just the amount of work necessary to get the results he wanted  (helped of course by the influence of his wonderful girlfriend Emily) - and earn his place at Leeds. Fred was stubborn, funny and incredibly loving. And of course... a big Liverpool fan.

It was with unimaginable devastation for family and friends to learn that the boy's passed away in a car accident on the Bolivian Salt Flats, five days before they were due to return home from the trip of a lifetime.

The Bolivian Salt Flats are commonly known as the place where Heaven and Earth meet... so we hope you got there quickly boys, and that you're not causing too much mayhem up there...

"To all those times making up ridiculous clubs, playing miniclip and Cars 2. Thank you Joe for all the years of friendship, always showing me new things and the endless laughter over what seemed like nothing"

Ben Parsonage (Joe's Childhood friend)

"Fred is one of a kind. He taught me about real friendship; it is not about empty promises and superficial compliments, but about loyalty, laughter and honesty. He would push boundaries with his jokes, but he knew the always difference between right and wrong."

Pip Ross (Cranbrook friend)

"I remember how Freddie and Joe always used to wait in their cars for each other before school, so that if one of them was late for lessons, they both would be and they'd get in trouble together"

Euan Fraser (Cranbrook friend)




The Joe and Freddie Memorial Match is set up to be a fun, festive afternoon for anyone that would like to enjoy the christmas spirit,  help raise some money for our two charities and join with us in remembering Joe and Freddie. 

The boys loved football, and we've got no doubt that they're continuing their bitter rivalry up there with their respective Liverpool and Man City teams.  So it's only fitting that we get all their family and friends together to battle it out for our very own Joe and Freddie Memorial Cup.

Don't worry if football's not your thing! We've got enough festive food and drink to go round,  a chance to embrace your inner-child with a few games,  a big old raffle, tombola and Silent Auction,  and a bit of music too from their friends...make sure to bring your pennies and your pounds! 

Anyone and everyone is invited (and your dogs too...the boys loved their pets). 



Hear about all the brilliant people working with us to help make this a day that truly honours the boys.  More to add to this every day....  watch this space!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Our Shirt Sponsors

A big thank you to those of you that have sponsored a shirt. We've designed them in Man City and Liverpool style in honour of the boys

A few keepsakes on offer for Joe & Freddie

We've been busy designing, sewing and stitching a few things that you'll be able to purchase on the day as a way to keep Joe & Freddie with you always. 
Beanies -£6.00
T shirts -£6.00
Enamel Pins -£2.00
-All proceeds to Sam West Foundation / Football Beyond Borders-

Click me to follow!


**All proceeds towards our charities**

The Raffle

We've got 27 prizes (and counting) for you to win, all of which have been kindly donated by friends and businesses, near and far, in memory of the boys. 

Raffle tickets will be on sale on the day, or if you can't make it, you can buy online by clicking the button here. 

1 ticket= £2 // 10 tickets= £15

The Auction

We've got 9 pretty mega prizes on offer to bid on, all of which the boys would have absolutely loved (not sure about Freddie but Joe certainly would have loved to get his hands on Dad's beloved Sergio Aguero signed football boot!)

To view the prizes in more detail and make a bid, click the button below. We'll also have a 'secret box' there on the day for you to enter any last minute bids.

Have a look in the yellow box below to see what we've got.

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Richard McLennan

Cook family

Willets family

Miranda Porritt

Felicity Porritt

Andrew McLennan

Thomas family

Nelly & Winnie

Ansell family


​Kathleen Sturges

​Peter Bourne

Cranbrook Parents Assoc.

Thomas Willets 

Cranbrook Alum 2014

Atkins Family

Sturges family

Phillips family

Knight family

Duncan family

Carter family

Turck family

Parsonage family

Cranbrook Alum 2013

Pip, Chess, Zac, Sam 

Twickenham boys

 ​Snow family​

Fraser family

Sprent family

Meringue Girls



The families of Joe and Freddie have chosen two brilliant charities to raise money for in memory of their beautiful boys. So far, with generosity of family and friends they've managed to raise over £18,000. 

All profits from the Memorial Match will be split equally between the two charities. 

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Promotes awareness, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders in young people

The Sam West Foundation was set up by Joe & Fred's classmate, Ben and his family, in memory of his brother who tragically took his own life following treatment for clinical depression. 

The Foundation does a fantastic job in helping other children, young adults and their families affected by mental health issues.

Ben recently met with UK Prime Minister to discuss his latest petition campaigning for compulsory mental health training to UK school teachers. 
Click here to see his interview with Boris Johnson or here to sign his petition.



Uses the power of football as an educational tool to help young people achieve their goals and make their voices heard

Set up by Cranbrook School alumni, FBB are an education charity that uses football as an engagement tool to help youths fulfil their potential.


FBB work with 600 students at schools across London and the North West on the pitch and in the classroom, to tackle low educational attainment, poor school attendance and challenging behaviour. 



If you'd like to share a memory of the boys, order J&F merch, or just say hello, grab us on here. Roast Beef!

+447940573064 | jessatkins353@gmail.com

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